The warranty period lasts 360 days from the date of purchase.

We draw your attention to the fact that the following is not considered a defect during the warranty period: 

- metal oxidation (this effect appears in case the jewelry is not stored properly); 
- lack of colour congruence of the purchase and the picture on your monitor screen (monitor settings may differ); 
- minor scratches on the accessory which do not spoil the jewelry appearance. 

Here are some guidelines to consider when wearing and storing jewelry: 

- the jewelry should not be dried at high temperatures and washed; 
- it is better to store the metal items separately from other jewelry; 
- if you have decided to clean the jewelry, you should do it using a dry soft flannel cloth without using any additional cleaners; 
- in case of daily usage, it is highly recommended to keep the jewelry items away from water, chemical liquids and escape exposure to high temperatures; 
- do not use jewelry cleaners and any cleaners containing ammonia; 
- put on the jewelry carefully and escape its overloading. 

The warranty period includes a possibility of fixing the jewelry in case of following the guidelines mentioned on our website. Warranty recovery is only possible in case of its return in the original wrapping.
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