2. Buyer’s registration

2.1. Buyer’s Registration in Online store is prerequisite for placing Order. Further Seller shall send information to Buyer according to Details provided by Buyer during registration in the section “Contact Information”: address, phone number and e-mail address (e-mail). Sending information to Buyer by forwarding sms messages to the phone number provided by Buyer during registration is valid.

2.2. Buyer’s registration shall be executed by the procedure provided for Website, and after completion of registration, Seller shall send a notice with login and password by Buyer’s e-mail address.

2.3. Buyer is also informed through “My Account” tab, in particular, the status of Order is reflected in the “Orders” subsection. If necessary to change registration information, including login and password, Buyer uses the subsection “Profile”.

2.4. Buyer assumes all responsibility for the accuracy of the data provided during registration in Online store and also the use of login and password by third parties.

2.5 In the event of Buyer’s suspicions about the possibility of unauthorized use of login and password, Buyer must promptly change login and password.

   Принимаю условия Пользовательского соглашения и даю свое согласие OMUT на обработку моих персональных данных.

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