With the new collection, OMUT celebrates the internal freedom and playfulness of summertime simultaneously establishing the body protection in a truly artistic way providing an exceptional combination of wasteless production and no shipping involved in the process.


Available in a basic palette of monochrome, the re-used leather dresses, bags, and belts are the brand’s latest move towards sustainability and making the fashion industry more environmentally conscious. With each pattern playing the resilient rhythm inspired by the XIX century abstract artist’s works, every item is telling its own story based on a unique path material went through: from naturally sun-faded ornaments to the random textured pieces.
Mindfully cut from the aged leather and merged with the traditional chains in designs by Nastya Klimova, combining the unique exquisite style in every piece with the solid sustainability the SS’20 collection reveals a feast of life and genuine love idea.
Using the leather manufacturing remains and the leftovers both from the large factories and small workshops within one city the latest OMUT collection conveys infinite gratitude to the environment, gives new life to the uncommon waste transforming and recreating it into a perfect embellishment for the modern lifestyle. On the verge of the accessories world and the field of clothing, OMUT items are to empower everyone’s authenticity eliminating the negative fashion impact on the planet.

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