OMUT opens a new season with a series of exquisite large-scale jewelries. They are light chainmail armors, which outgrow basic jewelry format and merge into full-on tops or even dresses.
These accessories inspire for an absolutely new approach to stylistic combinations and create an opportunity to take a fresh look at common things. Therefore, they can personalize an understated dress, refashion a classical trouser suit or make a smart suit look a bit extravagant.
OMUT hyper-jewelry images look staid, powerful and complete. The collection includes a few accessory models of different sizes and constructions. Being dynamic, they all conform to body lines and allow freedom of movement.
The sources of inspiration for the collection have come from the mermaid mythology and retrofuturism, glam rock and the heritage of Paco Robanne. However, superfluous aesthetics of 1970s being reborn nowadays has a minimalistic interpretation
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