OMUT issues its first collection of jewelry for men. There are seven models that have without any exception become lucky interpretations of the brand basic line in a men’s format. Brutal eternal accessories are simple in appearance, yet they have an artful design and plurality of options for usage.
The basis of the chain jewelry conception contains shapes, materials and textures that do not compromise masculinity. However, the designer’s task was to turn an originally nonfunctional object into the element of men’s everyday style with a touch of graceful provocation. OMUT is not just accessories, it is objects that are pleasure to look at and think of. The brand jewelry items look like metal carvings: they frame and literally flow down the body – shoulders, arms and the back, recalling draperies or armours.
Strong and brutal OMUT jewelry is made for centuries. In addition to traditional materials – steal and aluminium chains – the collection includes designer innovations. Symmetrical rows of chains are divided into sections, forming a new texture which reminds on metal watch bracelets and service ribbons that are being referred to traditional men’s accessories.
Elemental forces of OMUT jewelry are minimalism and smart casual. Nonetheless, accessories from the OMUT MAN collection are equally well matched with both classic suits and streetwear clothing. Characters of street style blogs adore combining various styles and materials. In case you want to start with something less extensive, OMUT jewelry will assist you in creating an ingenious image devoid of vulgarity. Moreover, this is a perfect chance to see the notorious multilayerness from a fresh perspective – the first or second layer of accessories look smart and non-intrusive from under coats and jackets.
OMUT jewelry shows the delicate taste of its owner. The sources of inspiration for the collection include the textures of items from Russia in the 90s, knitting and masculinity, Mark Newport’s work and the love story in the film Ma Loute directed by Bruno Dumont.
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