New OMUT collection is operating within the recent runway trend - netting, it includes dress-like and top-like pieces as well string-bags and veils of durable but lightweight metal net.
Fancy, thin and airy pieces from this collection are created to complete utilitarian and casual looks. Netting is versatile and flexible, it stretches easily and can take various shapes and complete multilayered looks.
Net dresses and tops with thin straps can be worn over and under clothing, as well as instead of it for special occasions.
Each collection OMUT’s designer Nastya Klimova goes back in her research to traditional costumes with its simplicity, rational patterns and mystical meanings of decorative elements. Back in the pagan times in Rus, knotted and crossed ornaments protected from evil forces, thus in some areas it was common to tie a piece of fishermen’s net around ones body.
Omut reinterprets protection function by completing one's silhouette, strengthening body’s boundaries and regulating access - altogether creating a feeling of protection and presence for the wearer.
Among other inspiration references one can find Shukhov Towers, fishermen’s nets, Russian traditional dresses and mystical elements.
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