In the new season OMUT shows a five item capsule collection united by one theme – New Year’s Eve party. OMUT chainmail dresses and tops represent a nonstandard interpretation of the classical choice for an evening party - sequin outfit. Every single item is unique and created with the purpose of attracting attention.
Adventurous and surprising, majestic and elegant, light and romantic – outfits from the new collection may sound differently based on stylistic combinations. They will particularly suit the taste of those, who are used to thinking and looking extraordinary and futuristic.
While still working with metal chains, designer Nastya Klimova invents new ways of expressing the potential of material to the full extent, its energy and dynamics. Using plain constructions, she manages to convey sensuality of forms, sharpness of lines and texture, which is capable of both fitting the body lines and floating around as if it is dancing with you.
All items are made according to the author’s technology where thousands of tiny units are manually interwoven into a chainmail canvas. In addition to incredible elegance, a laborious couture approach leaves a strong impression. For instance, the main dress of the collection – a fringe decorated silver cocoon has been made out of more than 200 meters of aluminium with the help of 10 hands for a week in the OMUT workshop.
The sources of inspiration for the collection included PJ Harvey style, outfits of female gymnasts, girl bands, skyscrapers and a set of the USSR nostalgic references such as assembling Christmas tree toys, the Mir space station and biography of Valentina Tereshkova.
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