Surprise, invent and rediscover - these words have permanently entered the OMUT lexicon since 2010 when the brand was founded in Moscow by the designer Nastya Klimova. For a few years, she was experimenting with various shapes and materials, basically metal and leather, developing the brand style inspired by gloomy romance, architectural constructions, traditional crafts and minimalist aesthetics. 
Hyper jewelries made of metal chains, created for a free and quick image transformation, have become the face of the OMUT collections, uniting technological approach with provocative stylization. Such accessories inspire a completely new approach towards stylistic combinations and provide an opportunity to look at habitual things differently. High-quality OMUT jewelries are created manually in a workshop according to the author's technology. They go far beyond the scope of ordinariness, reminding interior objects, abstract exhibits and, of course, jewelries. We are involved in both art and craft, aiming to tell unique stories. Thanks to these stories, different people find in OMUT all that echoes in their souls. Jewelries are not just about design, they are a combination of personalities: of the one who has created them and the one who wears them.

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