4. Terms of transfer and order delivery

4.1. Contract of retail purchase and sale between Buyer and Seller shall be deemed to be concluded on conditions specified in these Term and Conditions, at the time of issuing by courier service to Buyer sales receipt or other document confirming the payment of Goods. The risk of accidental loss of or damage to Goods shall pass to Buyer from the moment of Order Delivery, which is confirmed by the signature of Buyer (Order Recipient or any other person who in accordance with these Terms and Conditions is entitled to receive Goods) in the document evidencing Goods transfer.

4.2. The transfer of Goods purchased in Online store, shall be executed by method chosen by Buyer:

  • receipt of Order by Buyer (personal Pickup);
  • delivery to Buyer’s provided address.

Detailed delivery terms and conditions can be found in the relevant section “Delivery”.

4.3. In the event of receiving Order, Buyer shall check appearance, quantity, packaging of Goods, quantity compliance of item and complete range of Order.

4.4. Upon the delivery Order shall be given to Buyer or Order Recipient. In case of their absence at the place of delivery, Order shall be given to person presenting the printed confirmation of Order acceptance by Seller and paid for Goods.

4.5. In case of prepayment of Goods courier service shall give Order to the person provided payment document, upon presenting passport (or other personal identification document) of the person to complete the document confirming transfer of Goods with full name and passport details.

4.6. Upon personal Pickup by Buyer, goods storage made at outlets within 3 days from the date of confirmation of Order acceptance. If Buyer is unable to accept Goods within specified term, Seller shall cancel Order. In case of prepayment of such Order, funds shall be refunded to Buyer in accordance with the procedures specified in clause 3.6. of these Terms and Conditions.

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